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Heating oil tanks

Does your heating oil tank need to be drained due to water infiltration? Do you want to have your oil tank cleaned before using it again? You don’t need your old oil tank and want to decommission it? VMI is the professional service you need.

Heating oil tank drainage and cleaning

Heating oil tank drainage and cleaning

Our teams are specially trained to drain and clean your oil tank. After our intervention, your tank is free of any residue or mud and can be used again. We also have the necessary equipment to remove water which has infiltrated the oil tank without completely emptying the tank.

Buried heating oil tank decommissioning

We follow a series of steps to decommission buried oil tanks: opening, cleaning and filling with an inert material such as cement or polyurethane foam.

Basement heating oil tank decommissioning

We also decommission basement oil tanks. To do so, after opening and cleaning, we safely break the tank into pieces. We then remove the pieces and waste.

VMI is accredited for heating oil tank decommissioning in all three regions of the country. We provide you with the official certifications required after every service call.